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Business Intelligence – BI Report
Design /Consultancy Services

What can Business Intelligence reports help you?


Business Intelligence report allows users to fully interact with business data. The graphs and figures will be updated instantly at user’s desire through intelligent filtering tools and Q&A Chatbot.


Users can easily identify trends, root causes or discrepancies in business operations through analysis at many levels and many visual information designs.


BI reports can be designed to automatically update data from multiple sources and can be accessed, linked with many other functions. Businesses thereby save costs, human resource and time for reporting tasks and focus on key business matters.

Impactful Decision Making

Artificial Intelligence integration in Power BI provides “real-time” forecasts and alerts. The right information reaches the right users at the right time. Businesses can therefore make timely decisions, improve efficiency and accelerate final results.

How does it work?


Just 3 steps!

1. Analyze Request & Propose Solutions

You provide Samples of existing Data and desired Reporting Templates
(if any) to DaTaxan.

The more detail you provide us, the better Since you will be able to get the solution and demo report close to your needs.

2. Design Demo File

DaTaxan shares Power BI templates for customer reference

DaTaxan performs data modeling, designs.

DaTaxan sends you report link for testing and acceptance

3. Handover Source Code

DaTaxan delivers the Source code to you.

Within 10 days from the date of handover, You get 2 times Free minor edits to the report and Free guidelines on how to use the report.


What can we help?

DaTaxan has over 10 years of experience working with big data at many multinational corporations

DaTaxan can build, develop BI reports for various business fields at fast and professional manner, committing to meeting clients requests at high quality

The BI reporting solutions that DaTaxan advises, offers to clients are always forward thinking with sustainable development mindset, easy to upgrade in the future when needed

We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of clients’ information

Dataxan can consult, provide training on how to use business intelligence effectively for your team and employees.

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