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Business Services

With a combination of expertise in Finance, Taxation, Business process excellence and Technology from experienced and passionate professionals, DaTaxan offers clients a wide range of services:

DaTaxan-Tax Consultancy

Tax Consultancy

  • Tax structuring for local and international transactions and investments
  • Advice and planning on tax incentives and tax concessions
  • Pre-tax audit review, Regular/quarterly tax reviews
  • Tax due diligence or agreed-upon-procedures reviews
  • Assess risk for end to end tax cycle and recommend suitable solutions and strategies
  • Leverage digital tools to improve tax governance and administration
  • Automate tax reporting and filing processes
  • Build ‘Real-time’ tax analysis reports, data matching and data analytics tools to protect against errors, inconsistencies, anomalies and systemic frauds and well prepared for tax audits.

Finance & Tax Transformation

  • Develop and implement sustainable finance and tax technology strategies. Work with you on a clear vision where you are and where you want to be to work out how to get there
  • Explore the using technology to collaborate, automate and monitor Finance, Accounting and Taxation processes and workflow
  • Build “Real Time” Finance and Tax reporting, Analysis and Simulations for effective finance and tax management
  • Unlock the potential of your existing ERP systems for tax and business decision making

Business Start-Up Assistance

  • Advise you most effective model of operations, market entry strategies, related conditions/restrictions, statutory operating requirements, and tax and investment incentives
  • Prepare licensing files and related documents for the market entry strategies
  • Submit and work with the licensing authorities on the incorporation of the business
  • Advise and assist post-licensing procedures after the incorporation of the business (i.e. bank accounts, corporate seals, accounting/tax set-ups and registration, if required)
Business Intelligence - BI Dashboard

Business Intelligence – BI report Consultancy

  • Assist clients to build, develop BI reports for various business fields at fast and professional manner, committing to meeting clients requests at high quality
  • Advises, offers BI reporting solutions with forward thinking, sustainable, easy to upgrade reports
  • Consult, deliver trainings on how to use business intelligence effectively for your team and employees.

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