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Mobile App for StockTake – Inventory Count by QR Code with PowerApps & Sharepoint

Mobile App for Inventory count – StockTake by QR Code

We have upgraded the StockTake – Inventory Count App with cool filter and highlight features. The new control panel offers an overview of Stocktake status by each period (items to count, items to check, items matched and All items). All count variances are highlighted in red immediately to alert the differences for further checking or investigation.

Inventory count – StockTake App’s Feature

This Mobile App can help us :

1. Search & Record counted Quantity with QR code

2. Take photos

3. Attach photos and files to Sharepoint List

4. Update, Delete & Add items to Inventory List

5. Check StockTake – Inventory Count result INSTANTLY

Inventory count – StockTake App’s Tools & Data source

The App is built with Microsoft Power Platform (Power Apps, Power Automate & SharePoint). Businesses will benefit advanced technology with their existing Microsoft Office license with no extra cost.

We use Microsoft Power AppsSharePoint and Power Automate for process automation. We can also support clients with customized solution/App to deploy the legacy, available data sources (eg, MS. Excel Online, Google Sheet…).

For details or more solutions, please feel free to reach out to us at

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